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7. the Olive emblem of the Mediterranean
12. After the Roman Empire
14. Technology and tradition for an age-old industry
21. The cultivation of oil in Puglia
23. ...and in the province of Foggia
24. In the heart of the diet Mediterranean
28. Olive oil and health
29. Starting from childhood
30. The international market and consumers of prized olive oil
32. Types and qualities of Italian olive oils in European Union certifications
33. Protected Designation of Origin in Puglia
34. the Tavoliere uncontaminated beauty
43. the Municipalities of ‘Puglia chiana’
44. Protected Denomination of Origin Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dauno DOP
46. Olive oil sub-zones Dauno DOP
48. the Cultivars of the Tavoliere
49. Varieties for olive oil
52. Varieties used as both table and oil olives
57. Table olives
64. Table olives
64. An excellent food
67. Food packaging
73. la Bella di Cerignola
78. Peppe Zullo
81. A world of vegetables
83. The Daunia kitchen garden From wild herbs to modern agriculture
85. Composition of vegetables
87. The preserved foods of the Tavoliere di Puglia area
88. Artichokes A tender heart
94. Peppers A gift from Columbus
98. Aubergines The New York giant
104. Lampascioni onions The bulbs of passion
108. Tomatoes The precious red gold of Puglia
116. Asparagus Tender, tasty shoots
121. Olive product in gourmet food
126. at the Table
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